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—Heroes And Heroines In Décadence & Aestheticism—
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this is an online discussion board dedicated to literary heroes
of French and English décadence and æstheticism.

{feel free to join and share thoughts, depictions & references
concernig decadent characters born in literary fin-de-siècle}

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neurosis and narrative: r. a. kingchaid
aesthetes and decadents: beckson
decadence and catholicism: hanson
romancing decay, m. st. john (not recommended)
five faces of modernity: "the idea of decadence": m. calinescu
leibhaftige dekadenz: w. klee
die schöne décadence, — geschichte eines literarischen paradoxons: r. bauer
des dandys wort als waffe: s. rossbach
aesthetische rebellion und rebellische aestheten /
eine kulturgeschichtliche Studie über den
europäischen dandyismus: hans j. schickedanz

+the decadent imagination, 1880-1900: jean pierrot
univ.chicago p. may 1984

+from exhaustion to exuberance: writing the decadent
body in fin de siécle french literature 1870-1914, charles
lawrence talcott,1998

(please don´t hesitate to contact me to
widen this list...)

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short specific info and literature: The Decadent Euphoria
1883 - Verlaine sonnet "Languer" -
adopted as manifesto of short-lived movement Decadisme
"Je suis l'Empire a la fin de la decadence..."
1884 Huysman's novel A Rebours
the summa of decadence
psychopathology and aesthetics of decadence
equates modernity-artificiality-decadence
cult of artificiality based on negative-destructive imagination
cult of the perverse an nervous
make nature deviate from norms and laws
attracted by aberrant and abnormal
contains theory of literary decadence {173}
rejection of romanticism and romantic rhetoric
positive identification of a poetics of crisis
actually an untenable position {174}
After A Rebours decadent aestheticism more conscious of critical-polemical functions
evolution of Decadisme toward open advocacy of revolutionary ideas
Mallarme - duty of modern poet to be "en greve devant le societe" {175}
England, Oscar Wilde representative of decadent aestheticism
defense of utopia
futuristic about triumph of socialism
By 1885 - decadence so 'fashionable' topic in Paris - could be parodied
decadence as antithesis of bourgeois banality
menas of shocking the middle class
purpose of Decadent to scandalize
decadence is simply awareness and acceptance of modernity
"Ancients belonged to their time, we want to belong to ours"
Verlaine - 1888 - saw Decadisme as stroke of genius
later support is cooler
By 1889 euphoria subsiding
During 1890s saw positive artistic connotations
had become too vague
replaced by symbolisme.

Recent (german) article about modern dandyism,
released by BPB; a Federal Center For Political Education:

related themes to find at againstnature
also see theoretical work about decadent heroes online by ross ridge:
»the hero in french decadent literature«
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