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Everyone should read this

Name: Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde
Your Favourite:
Couleur de rose (after a rose)
Flower? Lilium Auratum
Tree? Stone Pine and Lemon Tree
Object in Nature? The Sea (when there are no bathing machines)
Hour in the Day? Post Hour
Season of the Year? Beginning of Autumn
Perfume? Almond blossoms
Gem? Sapphire in winter, diamond in summer
Style of Beauty? that of Guido's St Sebastian and of the "Venus of Melos"
Names, Male and Female? Eucharis, Florence, Cecil
Painters? Fra Angelico: Turner: Coreggio
Musicians? Gounod. Mozart. Chopin.
Piece of Sculpture? Apoxyomsuos of Vatican
Poets? Euripedes. Keats. Theocrites and myself.
Poetesses? Sappho and Lady Wilde
Prose Authors? Plato and John Ruskin
Characters in Romance? Achilles: Nausikaa
Characters in History? D. Newman. Alexander.
Book to take up for an hour? I never take up books for an hour
What Book (not religious) would you part with last? My Euripides
What epoch would you choose to have lived in? The Italian Renaissance
Where would you like to live? Florence and Rome
What is your favourite amusement? Writing sonnets, and riding
What is your favourite occupation? Reading my own sonnets
What trait of character do you most admire in man? The power of attracting friends
What trait of character do you most admire in woman? The power of becoming either a Cleopatra, or a St. Catherine
What trait of character do you most detest in each? Vanity: self esteem: conceitedness
If not yourself, who would you rather be? A Cardinal of the Catholic Church
What is your idea of happiness? Absolute power over mens' minds, even if accompanied by chronic toothache
What is your idea of misery? Living a poor and respectable life in an obscure village
What is your bete noir? A thorough Irish Protestant
What is your " " dream? Getting my hair cut
What is your favourite game? Snipe and Lawn Tennis
What do you believe to be your distinguishing characteristics? Inordinate self esteem
If married, what do you believe to be the distinguishing characteristics of your better-half? Devotion to her husband
What is the sublimest passions of which human nature is capable? Asceticism, ambition
What are the sweetest words in the world? Well Done!
What are the saddest words? Failure!
What is your aim in life? Success: fame or even notoriety
What is your motto? [left blank]

{it is the more or less "converted" Oscar we read here!?..
-Funny (but also typical for Oscar) that he answears with HIS OWN formative features when asked "what trait of character he detests in each gender"...
-Also remarkable; his reply to "What is the sublimest passions of which human nature is capable?"
yet one of his loftiest aphorisms says somewhat like this: »industry is the root of uglyness« ;)

...William 'Turner or Corregio are quite plausible, but I can hardly imagine a certain 'Oscar Wills Wilde' favouring a pious monastery-painter á la 'Fra Angelico'. -Ambivalence was Oscar´s most flattering characteristics anyway.}

this one is enchanting,,, i never read it before... so mill. thanks to the individual who shared this.
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