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japonism in beardsleys artwork

...some impressive examples by aubrey concerning the tendency of the 90s and 00s artists (symbolists ,,but also late impressionists and nabis) to "qutoe" japanese ukiyo-e blockprints in their œuvres.
(japanese prints were first imported to europe through one of the london world exhibitions (world fairs), in circa the middle of the century) -
french society was also familiar with émile zola´s asia and orient researches who published some articles about japanese culture and art at that time.
. . . beardley-ean decadent themes in japonist style;

Image hosted by

kabuki actor on blockprint

Image hosted by
aubreys yellow-book illustration

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ukiyo-e // aubrey (judith-scene)

ukiyo-e print

bearsleys salomé and the young syrian ex "Salomé"

japanese recive european fin de siécle art...

1921, artist of an unknown japanese publication

1907 , fragment of aubreys salomé cycle
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